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Heidi Caillier Design is a full-service interior design firm based in Seattle. Heidi’s design philosophy is based on the belief that homes should be comfortable and livable while at the same time beautiful and curated. Heidi’s style mixes old with new, integrating textures and color, layered with pieces that feel travelled and have history. An intrinsic love of vintage furniture and materials that feature raw and natural textures balance our appreciation of color and pattern to create spaces that feel practical and effortless.

Heidi's work has been featured in publications including Architectural Digest, LA Times, Homes & Gardens, Luxe Magazine, Domino, House Beautiful, and more.

Heidi Caillier Design
can advise on
Furniture and home decor selection and placement
Floor plan layout
Stores and brands to consider
Styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls etc.)
Paint/wall treatments and drapery/window treatments
Cabinetry and built-ins
Fixtures, finishes and trims
Construction and remodel ideas
Exterior design
Career advice for aspiring designers
Guidance / second opinion for professional designers

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1:1 Video Consultation

- with Heidi Caillier

Heidi can't wait to connect with you over video and discuss your space. She can support and guide your design decisions and direction, and answer all of your questions!

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Duration55 minutes
Consultation typePrivate

Why a 1:1 Consultation?

Whether your project is a gut renovation or a room in need of a refresh, Heidi Caillier Design can guide you in creating a fully-realized space that you’ll love living in.

You can show your space over video, put together a presentation with photos and/or links to walk through over screen-share, or simply chat and take notes. The time is yours to use however is most helpful for you.

The countless decisions of home design tend to be time-consuming and costly. Booking an Expert consultation makes the process easier – and more fun!
Client Experience
"My time with Heidi COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER. I only wish I could have done it months ago- it would have saved me so much time and energy. I was feeling silly about spending so much for just an hour, but honestly I can't believe how much we got done and I even had time to spare. I look forward to doing it again! Highly recommend."
Rachel A.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"I’ve been a huge fan of Heidi’s work, so meeting her was really exciting for me. I loved her ideas for our home. She gave me definitive answers and sources for different fabrics, paint colors, carpet, wallpaper and hardware. Her style is timeless and inviting. Looking forward to implementing her ideas in our home!"
Jenna L.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"Heidi and I were able to walk through my project room by room succinctly to discuss the aesthetic I was looking to create. When you partner with a designer whose work you not only admire, but could truly live with in your own home, The Expert delivers! Heidi was both generous in her feedback & specific down to the colors and textiles her designs are loved for. Within 48 hrs of our consult, I had a complete palette and regained confidence to carry on solo."
Deanna A.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"The session with Heidi was a breath of fresh air. My partner wasn’t convinced that we could accomplish much in an hour, but we got through every single question. Heidi quickly grasped the weird architectural features of our build and offered immediate and precise advice. Impressed and appreciative - thank you!"
Chantal C.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"My call with Heidi exceeded all expectations and was the perfect antidote to a project that seemed overwhelming! She was able to wrap her head around what we were after quickly, and came through with practical recommendations and resources to give my project legs--I left our call energized and ready to move after months of feeling stuck. Looking forward to executing her recommendations and then meeting with her again to gather more great ideas. Hugely helpful, can't thank you enough!"
Sarah T.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"It's so unusual when your expectations of someone live up to the reality, but Heidi definitely exceeded mine. She was generous with her advice, transparent about her own experiences, and supportive and encouraging about my nascent design career. Heidi gave concrete, actionable direction, about both my business and specific design issues I raised. I thought of at least 20 more questions as soon as we got off the phone, so I hope to be able to connect with her again."
Jo L.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"Heidi is incredible! As a designer, I find my own personal home the hardest to work on. We had a LOT to go over and she was so insightful and generous with her knowledge and expertise. Would absolutely use The Expert again - and would highly recommend Heidi."
Carly R.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"I was so thrilled to find out that Heidi was offering her masterful design advice on The Expert. I am in the middle of building a custom home and every little detail can get overwhelming (to say the least) and I needed some guidance on a few areas of the build. Heidi helped with scale, cabinet choices, and tile placements (I had a lot going on) - I left this meeting with a page of notes, sources, and confidence to move forward in my design. I am really glad I did this - she's brilliant! xx"
Jessica D.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"My consultation with Heidi was exactly what I was looking for! I was able to get answers to some sourcing questions and ask Heidi about my favorite details from her projects. Heidi really helped me nail the floorplan layout for an upcoming renovation of a 1927 Tudor. As Heidi has experience working with older homes, she really helped me hone in on some details that would keep the renovation appropriate to the time and style of the home. Loved this experience!"
Lauren D.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"Heidi was great to work with and had a great vision for my office project. I left our consultation energized and have already made progress to execute on some of the suggestions she shared with me. The session with Heidi was so worthwhile- loved it and have already recommended it to all my "design-loving" friends!"
Stacey V.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert
"This birthday splurge is feeling more and more like the best decision I have made in awhile. Heidi Caillier was approachable and to the point about what I needed to do in my space. I am moving forward with confidence and so excited to have a vision to work from. I am so glad for this experience."
Maureen O.
1:1 Video Consultation- with Heidi Caillier
Verified by The Expert


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