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Trend Report

The Expert Trend Forecast: ‘Baked Hues’ and 8 More Styles You’ll See Everywhere in 2024

Words by Laura Dahlgren
a living room filled with furniture and windows

Photography by Tim Lenz; Design by Light & Dwell

The start of a new year ushers in the promise of fresh possibilities.

2023 was marked by earthy organic palettes, intricate block prints, and an abundance of maximalist mindsets. Next year promises to amp things up a notch, with many Experts forecasting bold hues and coordinating patterns: “I’m predicting a heavier use of prints and more risk-taking with colors,” says Expert Lauren Nelson. “This will take form in more than just accents: painted cabinetry, textiles, and natural stone. Gone are the days of all white and marble everywhere!”

From moody millwork to finishes and fabrics borrowed from the Europeans, our Experts are here to guide you (and your home) through the design trends they predict will reign supreme in 2024.

a living room with green walls and a black couch

Photography by Michael Clifford; Design by Lauren Nelson Design

Risky Business

“With the increasing efficiency of information exchange, the last few years have seen color emerge as a seemingly universal interest,” says Charlie Ferrer. “Whether in bold gestures or softer expressions, I predict a further-expanding focus on color and risk-taking around its application. We will see ever more daring hues in paints, papers, and textiles of all kinds.”

Things Are Looking Up

“I’m tired of looking at rooms that feel like they forgot to put on their top,” says Victoria Sass, founder and principal of Prospect Refuge Studio. “2024 is the year of the ceiling. Try switching it up and start from the top down to see what kind of magic it creates for your space.”

Explore Your Dark Side

While white oak will always have its place in the design world, Lauren is switching gears in 2024: “I'm seeing deeper wood tones making a comeback, both in custom millwork and furniture pieces. I love the richness of dark wood.”

a living room with a fireplace and a mirror

Photography by Chris Mottalini; Design by Prospect Refuge Studio

Go for a French Feel

Molly Kidd, principal of Light and Dwell, is feeling a French flair in the New Year. “From pillows to tapestries and drapery, French jacquard textiles tell a story and add personality without saying a thing”, she explains. “Think about using them in unique ways this season: framed as wall art, window treatments, custom upholstery… The options are endless.”

Get Into the Nitty Gritty

Charlie knows all too well the devil is in the details, and predicts next year will see an emergence of rooms that feel they’ve been worked over with a fine tooth comb: “Generally, I think we will see more finely-detailed designs, particularly in custom upholstery and window treatments,” he says. “Examples include the use of contrasting welts, the addition of pleating to a sofa skirt, contrasting leading edges on curtain panels, or applied trim on Roman shades.”

a chair sitting in front of a window covered in curtains

Photography by Chris Mottalini; Design by Prospect Refuge Studio

Don’t Hate, Coordinate

“2023 was the year of suits and sets. I believe 2024 will follow in fashion’s footsteps and see a re-emergence of matchy-matchy interiors,” says Victoria. “This technique has been around for decades, so there’s plenty of retro inspiration at the ready. Why not perfectly coordinate your sofa and your wallcovering? Or try a strongly patterned rug with a matching tablecloth. Wouldn’t an upholstered headboard look divine with a coordinating duvet?”

Create an Opulent Oasis

“We’re seeing color palettes becoming richer and creating a more lived-in, old-age look,” says Molly. “We are using deeper, more European-inspired renaissance palettes—think ‘baked’ hues: browns, reds, yellows, greens, and off-whites that feel like they’ve been there for decades.”

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by William Jess Laird; Design by Charlie Ferrer

Padded Rooms

“While we’ve been longtime upholsterers of walls and ceilings, I think it’s time we expand the plush perfection of upholstery into new and exciting places,” says Victoria. “Will we see more upholstered doors in 2024? Will brave souls venture into the world of upholstered cabinets? Why not puffy padded light fixtures? I’m here for it all and chock-full of ideas!”

Borrow From the Europeans

“If done right, European cabinetry can transform a space,” says Molly. “The key is not to let your cupboards go to the ceiling. Keep millwork ‘floating’ to create a custom lived-in look that never feels too new.”

a bathroom with a sink and a large mirror
a kitchen with a marble counter top and island

Photography by Tim Lenz; Design by Light & Dwell