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Before & After

Checkerboard Tile and 80s Architecture Inspired This Smart Kitchen Reno

The Expert Team
a large kitchen with a center island in the middle of the room

All photos courtesy of Brittin Prior.

The Expert client Brittin Prior first saw her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma over three years ago and fell in love with the late-80’s architecture, graphic windows, and unique views across the treetops. She wasn’t planning to change much initially but after moving in with her husband and two kids, a tricky sink replacement started them down the path of a proper kitchen refresh. Enter Lauren Caron of Studio Laloc.

Using The Expert, the two collaborated primarily on material and color selections, honing in on the details that would have high impact. The facelift resulted in a space that is snappy, bright and honors the character of the home without a massive renovation or having to rethink the layout.

a kitchen with a sink, dishwasher and a window
a white kitchen sink sitting under a window

The After.

How would you describe your design style?

I would call my aesthetic “English, grandma eclectic. ” I love homes with loads of character and anything that looks like it wasn’t mass produced. Individuality, art, and color are things I love to see in a home.

Tell us about your kitchen renovation.

We actually almost purchased our home three years ago after our realtor friend sent us the listing. The house literally sits amongst the trees and the late 80s architecture and views are so interesting. There was a fair amount of work that needed to be done, so we ended up buying something else at that time. But as fate would have it, timing in life is everything, and we ended up making an offer on the house two years later when it wasn’t even for sale. Initially, we didn’t plan to remodel the kitchen. I made a decision early on to live in the house for a bit before making any major changes. Because this house is so architecturally unique, I felt it was important to move in and truly feel it out. But the kitchen sink was absolutely awful and when we tried replacing it, we found that there wasn’t the exact size we needed and so the unraveling began. We knew it would just be easier to make the changes we wanted sooner rather than later. And I’m so glad we did because now we love our kitchen so much.

a kitchen with white cabinets and blue and white checkered backsplash
a kitchen island with three stools in front of it

The details. Checkerboard tile, fresh paint and brass hardware make for a winning combination.

What phase of your project were you in when you had your consultation? What inspired you to book the consultation?

I was still in the very beginning of the design process when I scheduled a consultation with Lauren. I had a rough idea of what I wanted, but was a bit lost with certain details. I felt confident she could help guide me.

What were you struggling with that your Expert helped you work through?

I knew I wanted a checkered tile backsplash, and I knew I wanted the countertop material to be lighter, but Lauren really helped me narrow down the colors and materials. Once I had her input on things, it all came together so easily.


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