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The Best Living Rooms Are Designed to Make You Want to Lounge All Day

Words by Olivia Lidbury
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Photo courtesy of Jamie Bush

What kind of living room are you? 

Do you prefer a loungey space for movie marathons? A lively great room to fit the entire family? A tailored space made for large cocktail parties? Or a conversation pit to host your closest friends (and a bottle of wine)? A living room can inspire, stimulate, or calm you depending on the use of color, texture and furniture. 

Whatever your taste, it should above all else be a place that makes you want to unapologetically flop out with your favorite drink or pick up a book. More of a conversationalist? With the right seating, you’ll be putting the world to rights with your guests. Find the best living room ideas which most accurately expresses your sense of zen through our Experts—and book a one-on-one consultation to get personalized advice for your own space.

Athena Calderone

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Design by Athena Calderone; Photo by Nicole Franzen

Blending antiques, mid-century, and contemporary design in a single room sounds bold, but through Athena Calderone’s assured and tasteful eye, the result is always harmonious. The secret: a restrained color palette.

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Brigette Romanek

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Photo courtesy of Brigette Romanek

With a penchant for striking architecture and airy spaces adorned with indoor trees and sleek furniture, it’s little wonder that Brigette Romanek’s singular vision has made her a go-to resource for her A-list clientele.

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Cameron Ruppert

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Design by Cameron Ruppert; Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Through Cameron Ruppert’s maximalist lens, prints and colors are layered in abundance to create a vibrant smorgasbord for the senses. It’s a delight for anyone with a traditional but playful aesthetic.

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DISC Interiors

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Design by DISC Interiors; Photo by Sam Frost

Masters at seamlessly blending the traditional with the contemporary, this LA-based practice brings a refined sensibility to one of the most relaxing rooms in a home.

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Giancarlo Valle

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Photo courtesy of Giancarlo Valle

Craving quiet simplicity? This NYC-based studio places a strong focus on shape and form with a playful twist—creating rooms that are both soothing and always eye-catching.

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Jake Arnold

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Design by Jake Arnold; Photo by Michael P.H. Clifford and Michael Stavaridis

Do away with the three-piece suite and mix a variety of statement seating as demonstrated here by Jake Arnold, whose richly textured approach to dressing a living room effortlessly fuses rattan with rush weave and velvet.

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Jenna Lyons

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Design by Jenna Lyons; Photo by Simon Watson

For eclectic spaces with a luxe slant, turn to Jenna Lyons. The former fashion executive’s weakness for unlacquered brass and colorful upholstery makes for unforgettable surrounds.

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Joy Moyler

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Design by Joy Moyler; Photo by Simon Upton

Joy Moyler’s signature play on pattern, textiles, and depth has endeared her to a gilded clientele which includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Adrien Brody. Bursting with rich textures and intricate narratives, her living rooms are talking points in themselves.

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Katie Hodges

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Design by Katie Hodges; Photo by Haris Kenjar

There’s an alchemy to mixing neutral colors, metals, and muted fabrics—and Katie Hodges is a wizard at it. Her contemporary yet comfortable take on Californian-inspired decor is one that is imitated around the world.

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Mark D. Sikes

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Design by Mark D. Sikes; Photo by Stephen Karlisch

Want to relax and escape? Mark Sikes’ richly layered rooms, which call on the all-American classical style, possess a magical and transportive quality that’s made for the movies. It’s no wonder Nancy Meyers is a fan.

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Nicholas Obeid

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Photo courtesy of Nicholas Obeid

What does your living room say about you? Under the masterful and minimal eye of Nicholas Obeid, it becomes a curated backdrop full of life thanks to a considered mix of old and new.

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Sarah Sherman Samuel

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Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel; Photo by Trevor Tondro

Granted, living room furniture should score high on comfort—but it should also be beautiful to look at. Sarah Sherman Samuel’s little black book is filled with sources for the most stand-out pieces to lend a gallery-like feel to your space.

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