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Room By Room

10 Trending Rooms That Make Up The 2023 Expert Dream House

Words by Laura Dahlgren
a kitchen with pink cabinets and a white sink

Photography courtesy of Whittney Parkinson

Move over, Barbie.

With another year in the books, we’re looking back at our most scroll-stopping moments of 2023 to curate The Expert’s 2023 dream house. Outfitted with a serene kitchen by Heidi Lachapelle, a deeply inviting living space by Stefani Stein, and a spa-like bath from Maddux Creative, this home is brimming with some of our Expert’s most wow-worthy moments.

Keep reading to take a spin through this dreamy escape.

a living room with a tree and a mirror

Photography by Trevor Tondro; Design by Chad Dorsey Design

The Most-Loved Entryway of 2023

This entryway designed by Chad Dorsey invites you to check your worries at the door. Outfitted with walls painted in calming neutral hues and touches of lush greenery, this room sets the tone for the effortlessly chic space to come.

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a kitchen with wooden floors and a stove top oven

Photography by Erin Little; Design by Heidi Lachapelle Interiors

The Most-Loved Kitchen of 2023

Almost too pretty to cook in, this serene kitchen designed by Heidi Lachapelle boasts creamy white walls that offer the perfect contrast to the cozy dark wood accents. Minimal light fixtures, earth-toned tiles, and an oversized kitchen island complete this five-star-worthy space.

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a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall

Photography by Sam Frost Studio; Design by Stefani Stein

The Most-Loved Living Room of 2023

Deeply cozy and inviting, this living space by Stefani Stein begs you to curl up for an afternoon cat nap. The plush, velvet sofa steals the show, while ochre accessories and teal accents make for a moody and magical backdrop.

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The Most-Loved Dining Room of 2023

Shades of deep teal continue to reign supreme in the dining room designed by Jessica Helgerson. An abundance of candle holders, dramatic light fixtures, and subtly geometric window treatments transform this dining room into a dramatic alcove ideal for hours of entertaining.

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a bathroom with a glass shower door and a sink

Photography by Michael Sinclair; Design by Maddux Creative

The Most-Loved Bathroom of 2023

Fully equipped with a custom mosaic floor inspired by Jean Cocteau, artisan-crafted marble work, and perfectly patinated brassware, this bath is a feast for the eyes. Designed by Maddux Creative, this spa-like space will have you tickled pink.

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a bedroom with a bed, a table and a chair

Photography by Malissa Mabey; Design by W Design Collective

The Most-Loved Bedroom of 2023

Almost as peaceful as the view of the rolling countryside, this bedroom by W Design Collective is clad floor to ceiling in cream-colored clapboard. Tonal accents and an oversized picture window complete the dreamy oasis.

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a bathroom with a large mirror and a sink

Photography by Sylvie Li; Design by Blanc Marine Intérieurs

The Most-Loved Powder Room of 2023

Contrasting earth tones once again make an appearance in the powder room designed by Blanc Marine Intérieurs. Making no sacrifices on storage, the wood-clad vanity and cabinet offer a chic place to stow away unsightly objects.

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a bedroom with two beds and a rocking chair

Photography by Laure Joliet; Design by Martha Mulholland

The Most-Loved Kid’s Room of 2023

Putting the sweet in ‘sweet dreams’, this attic space was transformed by Martha Mulholland into a cozy, kid-friendly escape. The tucked-away sleeping nooks beckon children to yearn for bedtime, while walls painted in a calming shade of blue lull them into a soft slumber.

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a laundry room with a washer and dryer

Photography by Sarah Shields; Design by Whittney Parkinson

The Most-Loved Laundry Room of 2023

We’re once again drawn to pink in the laundry room outfitted by Whittney Parkinson. The classic, checkerboard floor and brass accents cement this hardworking space as a mood-boosting sanctuary that provides an escape from the bustle of everyday life.

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a room filled with lots of shoes and a chair

Photography by Kelly Marshall; Design by Jenna Lyons

The Most-Loved Closet of 2023

If there’s going to be a space in Expert Jenna Lyon’s NYC home that made the dream house, it’s only natural that it’s the closet. The space boasts sky-high shelves filled to the brim with her enviable shoe collection, while dramatic drapery and a statement-making light fixture help round out the small-but-cozy space.

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