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From Wild to Mild, Here's How to Keep Botanicals Fresh

The Expert Team
a living room with a couch a table and a chandelier

Design by Cortney Bishop. Photo by Katie Charlotte.

Even with fall officially here, we’re still very much in a floral state of mind. Whether you’re after an airy subtle accent or are maxing out with a grand gesture a la Marie Antoinette, successfully deployed botanicals bring the outside in and add life to your space. Naturally, there are so many ways in with florals, from the supersaturated patterns to subdued sun-faded palette—the options are endless.

We asked our Experts to share how they’re incorporating blooms into their projects that feel fresh and timeless—plus what they're buying.

a living room with a couch and a table
a white sink sitting under a mirror in a bathroom

Design by Cortney Bishop. Photo by Katie Charlotte.

Design by The Fox Group.

Subtle Pops

Layer florals and wovens to mimic the textures in nature.

"It’s easy to add floral motifs with pillows and accessories. I'm not one for oversized large-scale prints, but when balanced with a more modest scale, botanicals can add a lovely layer to your upholstery. I tend to pair them with textural wovens with more than one yarn color. The depth of woven fabrics effortlessly grounds more detailed florals."

Cortney Bishop

Embroidery is an organic way to embrace a floral print.

"I love an embroidered floral print on linen, especially if you don’t want the pattern to read as too bold, it’s a simple and whimsical way to add color. I’m really loving vintage suzanis with floral motifs—I use them on blankets, pillows, ottomans."

Carley Page Summers

a black pillow with a cat and flowers on it
Selected by Cortney BishopIncanto No. 3 PillowINQUIRE
a metal sculpture of a leaf on a white background
Selected by Cortney BishopMyrtle SconeINQUIRE
a white wall hanging with a floral design on it
Selected by Carley Page SummersSuzani 107SHOP NOW
a bathroom with a sink and a mirror

Design by Meta Coleman.

Balanced Blooms

Use solids as a backdrop to let the florals take center stage.

"I pair them with solid textures that allow them to shine. Florals provide freshness when used with either pale colors, jewel tones and polished wood."

Joy Moyler

"I love to pair an all-over pattern with color matching cabinetry. Take a color from the fabric or wallcovering and paint the cabinetry in that color. I love incorporating botanicals in the butlers pantry and kitchen."

Cara Fox

a hallway leading to a living room with a couch

Design by Cortney Bishop. Photo by Katie Charlotte.

a gray and white wallpaper with leaves on it
Selected by Joy MoylerLavinia FarbicINQUIRE
a painting of a tree with pink flowers
Selected by Joy MoylerModern Chinois WallpaperINQUIRE
a floral wallpaper with pink flowers and green leaves
Selected by Cara FoxHollyhock Print FabricINQUIRE

Go For Grand

Mix & Match for an eclectic, lived in feel.

"One way is to go all in with florals and vary the style of floral prints, the colors and add floral on top of floral on top of floral. "

Meta Coleman

Pick a print and really commit.

"To give them that unexpected pop, I use them in an over abundance in one space. It looks custom, well thought out and intentional."

Cara Fox

"Go all in with one print, in a Marie Antoinette approach and incorporate it everywhere: the walls, curtains, bedding, etc."

Meta Coleman

a living room filled with lots of furniture

Design by Joy Moyler. Photo by Simon Upton.

a pattern of strawberries on a white background
Selected by Cara FoxStrawberry block print fabricINQUIRE
a red background with white flowers on it
Selected by Meta ColemanFleur de Steppes fabricINQUIRE
a piece of fabric with flowers on it
Selected by Meta ColemanLittle F linen fabricINQUIRE


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