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Apparatus Seduced the Best Designers With Lighting That Resembles Art

Words by Olivia Lidbury
a black room with balloons hanging from the ceiling

Photo courtesy of Apparatus, featuring Cloud 19 Chandeliers and Arrow Pendants

There’s contemporary lighting, and then there’s Apparatus.

The simple term ‘light fixture’ doesn’t do this New York-based studio’s products justice: each piece is a work of art—a sculpture that blends unexpected materials together. Our Experts revere them, while the most stylish hotels in the world handpick them. From gravity-defying sconces wrapped in suede, to emotive cloud pendants, each piece celebrates individuality and playfully explores the relationship between lighting and objects in immersive environments.

The brand is the brainchild of artistic director and CEO Gabriel Hendifar, and predicated on the modern principle of gesamtkunstwerk (a total work of art). Gabriel’s background in fashion design informs his aptitude at weaving historical and cultural references through a modern lens. Here, he explains exactly what makes him tick.

How Apparatus was born

The studio started when my former life and business partner Jeremy Anderson and I moved in together and I decided that we should start making the things we wanted to be surrounded by. That relationship has since ended, but the litmus test of “is this something I want to live with?” has been the guiding principle of the work I create. While the scope of what we are able to design (and the incredible team required to produce those things) has grown, the mission remains the same.

a dining room with a round table surrounded by mirrors
a lamp that is on top of a table

Photo courtesy of Apparatus

Photo courtesy of Apparatus featuring a Lantern Table Lamp

My design philosophy

I believe that objects and environments have the ability to elevate the human experience, and are vessels for meaning. My approach is fairly constant, which is about starting first by defining what I want to feel. Once I know that, there are worlds of references to help create the story I want to tell. Whether temporal, cultural, or aesthetic, the references are all colors to help create a world. But the approach remains about creating the backdrop for beautiful human experience.

a marble bowl with olives in it
ApparatusNeo VesselSHOP NOW
a lamp that is on top of a table
ApparatusLantern Table LampSHOP NOW

The inspiration

It comes from everywhere: music, film, art, nature. I keep my eyes open and let it all in.

a bust of a man in a dark room

Photo courtesy of Apparatus featuring a Talisman 1 Sconce

The aspect I’m most proud of

We work with a variety of best-in-class makers around the world who produce components based on their area of expertise. But the real impact is in the work of the human hands in our Brooklyn factory where every piece is individually patinated and assembled by our in-house team of artisans. We apply leathers and suedes, select semi-precious stones, and ensure that every single piece is rigorously inspected. It’s my belief that as the recipient of our fixtures, you really feel the energy and soul that each of these hands has bestowed on a fixture.

a lamp that is on top of a table
ApparatusMetronome Table LampSHOP NOW
a wall light with a white ball hanging from it's side
ApparatusTalisman 1 SconceSHOP NOW

My biggest “pinch me” moment

Moving into our 30th Street headquarters; realizing the campaign for ACT FOUR, our latest collection; completing our dedicated factory in Brooklyn... There have been so many!

The era I always return to

Italian rationalism has a very special place in my heart.

a living room filled with furniture and a large painting

Photo courtesy of Apparatus

The colors I’m loving right now

I want all brown everything! Velvet, moire, carpet, stone, leather, lacquer.

My idea of ultimate luxury

Choice: being able to choose how you want to live.

a light fixture with a circular light fixture hanging from the ceiling
ApparatusReprise Ceiling Extended LightSHOP NOW
a light that is on a white wall
ApparatusTalisman Loop SconceSHOP NOW

What I love about Showroom

Having access to knowledge and expertise has never been easier. We’re thrilled to be featured alongside some of the best.

a modern chandelier hanging from a ceiling

Photo courtesy of Apparatus featuring Cloud 19 Chandeliers

The place which perfectly encapsulates Apparatus

Our Gallery in New York, where we invite you to step into a fully realized fantasy, and to take some of it home with you.

What’s next…

We will be opening our Gallery in London this spring, on Mount Street in Mayfair. Stay tuned!

a chandelier with six white glass balls hanging from it
ApparatusCloud 19 ChandelierSHOP NOW
a couple of white candles sitting on top of each other
ApparatusCandle BlocksSHOP NOW

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a man standing in front of a wooden table

Photo courtesy of Apparatus