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The Expert Procurement Team
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When you work with The Expert, the consultation is only the beginning. After reviewing your space and unique needs with an Expert, you'll likely receive product recommendations and/or styling direction to proceed with. That’s where our procurement specialists come in. With years of experience accessing hard to acquire pieces and budget-conscious furniture alike, our procurement team will work with you to bring the ideas discussed with your Expert to life — free of charge.

What We Help With

  • Product pricing, information and inventory availability
  • Swatch and sample requests
  • Ordering custom pieces
  • Suggestions for coordinating items
  • Arranging freight & delivery

The Perks

  • Access to hundreds of brands that our Experts trust, including ‘Trade-only’ Vendors
  • Dedicated support from a procurement specialist
  • Track order statuses from multiple vendors all in one place
  • Competitive shipping rates
  • Free swatches & samples
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Frequently Asked Questions:

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