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a white and brown rug with a diamond pattern
a white and brown rug with a diamond pattern
a woman standing in front of a wooden table

Heidi Caillier Design recommends:

‘I love a classic Moroccan rug. I use them in bedrooms a lot. They're also great in long, skinny rooms because the real ones tend to be narrower.’

Details & Dimensions

Moroccan rugs are renowned for their unique patterns. This one-of-a-kind piece bears the signature of its weaver so distinctly it practically doubles-up as an artwork. Authentically crafted by women in Morocco’s interior plains, it’s this style of rug that is copied the world over—but machine-made imitations are simply no match. This rug will add a timeless and tactile element to any room.

Width: 127 inchesLength: 77 inchesHeight: 0.5 inches

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Moroccan Geometric Rug - 6′5″ x 10′7″

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