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a black vase with a green rim on a white background
a black vase with a green rim on a white background
a man standing in front of a window next to a lamp

Colin King recommends:

‘With vases, I’m really looking at the silhouette and the texture. I like to buy a diverse range of shapes and heights. The patina that bronze reveals is really beautiful and can’t be replicated. It adds an element of nature that's very universal.’

Details & Dimensions

PRB is a vintage dealer specializing in a rotating selection of 20th-century designs sourced from Scandinavia, Italy, and the United States. A trusted supplier for many Experts, its curation of accessories provide the ultimate finishing touch to any space. This small, early modernist vase was designed and produced in the 1940s by Upsala-Ekeby, once the flagship of Swedish ceramics. Highly collectible, this earthenware style is distinguished by a subtle pattern in relief, and its bold, green glaze.

Width: 3.77 inchesLength: 3.77 inchesHeight: 4.64 inches

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Upsala-Ekeby Green-Glazed Vase

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