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Heidi Caillier Design

Heidi Caillier Design recommends:

‘I love a classic Moroccan rug. I use them in bedrooms a lot. They're also great in long, skinny rooms because the real ones tend to be narrower. I like the shades of ivory and brown on this one. It feels soft and inviting. ’

Details & Dimensions

Moroccan rugs are renowned for their unique patterns and imitated the world over. This distinctive, one-of-a-kind style is the handiwork of the women weavers in the country’s interior plains, who use natural sheep wool and dyes made from local plants or minerals to bring each design to life. Of authentic and heirloom quality, this rug has the magical capacity to slot seamlessly into any room.

Length: 82 inchesWidth: 150 inchesHeight: 0.5 inches

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Moroccan Rug

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