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Tell Us About Your Home’s Architecture, We’ll Tell You Which Expert to Book

Words by Olivia Lidbury
a dining room with a table and chairs

Photo courtesy of McGrath II

You know the tale about the square peg and the round hole?

Well, a similar theory can apply when sourcing an interior designer. Translating a desire for mid-century minimalism through the creative vision of someone with a leaning for classical architecture and chintzy interiors might not make for the most harmonizing fit.

The key to maximizing a consultation is to find an Expert whose aesthetic complements your own personal style and your property’s bones too (which is why we made searching by style extra easy). Whether you live in a coastal bungalow or a centuries-old maisonette, we have more than a few designers with an affection for your style of home.

Here we’ve taken the liberty of playing cupid, shortlisting Experts with an affinity for the most popular architecture styles.

If you live in a Brownstone…

a kitchen with a large center island and wooden stools

Photo by Jeff Holt; Design by Chused & Co.

It helps to have a designer who understands first-hand the quirks of a brownstone when decorating or reconfiguring one, which is why New York-based Jenna Chused (who herself resides in a townhouse in Brooklyn, NY) is a natural fit. An avid collector of antiques and vintage lighting, she brings her background in fashion and a magpie eye for exceptional objects to create covetable spaces with a refined, European twist.

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If your house leans mid-century…

a kitchen with a center island with a bowl of fruit on it
a pool with a floating object in the middle of it

Photo by Karyn Millet; Design by Raili CA Design

Photo courtesy of Raili CA Design

Clean lines, sleek seating, swaths of wood paneling… Raili Classen draws on the best of mid-century style and imbues it with her signature ‘wink’ to ensure that the outcome always feels fresh. The California-based studio has worked on many homes across the US, as well as Kelly Slater’s surf ranch and LOGE Camp hotels, displaying a style that’s sympathetic to the outdoors.

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If your home has Victorian flair…

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photo courtesy of Salvesen Graham

London-based design duo Nicole Salvesen and Mary Graham’s traditional style goes hand-in-hand with period properties. With grand country homes and elegant townhouses under their decor belts, there’s nothing the pair don’t know about Georgian and Victorian architecture. Combined with their appreciation for chintz fabrics and antiques, their interiors are underpinned by a playful and confident use of color. For that quintessentially English edge done authentically, the search ends here.

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If you fell for a craftsman…

a kitchen with a marble counter top and gray cabinets
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photo courtesy of Studio Laloc

Photo by Lauren L. Caron; Design by Studio Laloc

Interior designer Lauren Caron is drawn to historic houses and feels passionately about retaining their original character. Craftsman-style buildings are her wheelhouse, and she injects them with colors, patterns and textures, and furnishes them with a beguiling mix of antiques and modern heirlooms. Far from feeling like a museum, the results are always welcoming and reflective of the client’s taste and way of living.

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If your vibe is contemporary…

a living room filled with furniture and a book shelf

Photo by Roger Davies; Design by Jamie Bush

Jamie Bush has worked on some of the most significant residential contemporary and modernist homes in the US, but that doesn’t mean his style isn’t playful. The LA-based architect and designer, along with his team, have the indoor-outdoor look down pat, so if you’re blessed with a mild climate and panoramic views, you’ll want to meet with him stat.

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If Tudors makes your heart sing…

a kitchen with white cabinets and black counter tops
a hallway with a wooden floor and white walls

Photo courtesy of Katie Rosenfeld

Photo by Read McKendree; Design by Katie Rosenfeld

Homes that are architecturally elaborate on the outside call for a sensitive echo on the inside. Cue Katie Rosenfeld, who celebrates heritage with a layered and eclectic approach to decor, but whose style is never predictable thanks to a touch of the ‘imperfect’ to ensure spaces feel cool and happy. Rooted in New England, the designer is accomplished in making Tudor properties relevant and compatible with modern-day lifestyles—she even lives in one herself.

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If you love a classic colonial…

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photo courtesy of McGrath II

Timeless rush-weave rugs, charming spindle beds, irresistible window nooks… Suzanne and Lauren McGrath have spent more than a decade composing the perfect recipe for Colonial-style homes. Unapologetically classic, the pair’s commitment to making timeless furniture and fabric choices mean their clients are rewarded with flexible investment pieces which naturally evolve along with their tastes and lifestyle.

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If a downtown loft is your happy place…

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photo courtesy of Nicholas Obeid

You can’t just throw anything in a loft space and expect it to work—the unusual proportions skew all sense of scale. Which is where Nicholas Obeid comes in. The designer is obsessive about light and adept with industrial-style spaces, as his Rolodex of clients in downtown NYC in Tribeca and SoHo will attest. Masterfully blending old and new, his signature is creating rooms that feel spirited and dimensional.

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If you settled for a farmhouse…

a large kitchen with a center island with chairs

Photo by Amy Bartlam; Design by Light & Dwell

On paper, embracing rustic charm sounds easily achievable, but too much of a good thing will leave you with interiors skewed to the rough-and-ready side. Aymee and Molly of Light & Dwell capture the much-desired farmhouse look with a luxe slant, thanks to touches of marble and curves in unexpected places.

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