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Early Risers and Night Owls Will Love These 11 Expert-Approved Bedroom Ideas

Words by Olivia Lidbury
a bedroom with a four poster bed and a chair

Design by Augusta Hoffman; Photo by Carly Olson

Swaddling might be for babies, but we all crave that cozy and calm feeling in a bedroom. 

Mostly, it’s habits which dictate function: for early risers, a light-filled and airy scenario might just be the tipping point that lures them out of bed before dawn to tackle the day. For night owls, it’s all about feeding the decadence of staying up naughtily late, with moody colors to extend sleeping hours when they finally come. And let’s not forget the bookworms who seek the ultimate in comfort (above all, good lighting and a comfortable headboard) to spend a restful few hours with a good read. 

Not sure what role you want your bedroom to perform? A one-on-one consultation with our Experts will dig deep on personalization, and throw up plenty of ideas for curating your version of the ultimate sleep chamber. For now, here are a few starter ideas…

Focus on Soft Textures

a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window

Design by Nicholas Obeid; Photo by Tim Lenz

This serene setting by Nicholas Obeid is an invitation to wile away a lazy weekend morning with a book and coffee on repeat. Tearing yourself away from the enveloping hold of this super-size headboard would be a wrench, but the plush floor covering underfoot would certainly take the edge off.

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Go Big or Go Home

a four post bed with a brown leather bench underneath it

Design by Augusta Hoffman; Photo by Carly Olson

This Soho loft scenario by Augusta Hoffman proves that you don’t need a traditional country house to revel in a four-poster bed. Masterfully celebrating urban elements alongside softer, organic touches, the result is an irresistible filter away from the buzz of city life.

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Wrap the Room in Linen

a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window

Photo courtesy of Buchanan Studio

Shutting out whatever is happening outside with an abundance of airy drapery—in all its calming and cozy splendor—is always a good idea. With a bed pelmet and cafe-style curtains, more really can equal more in this Buchanan Studio space.

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Set the Mood for Sleep

a bedroom with a brick wall and a white bed

Design by Christina Cole and Co; Photo by Shade Degges

Incite a deep slumber with a room that is perennially poised for sleep. Dark but never gloomy, this space by Christina Cole surprises and delights with its multitude of textures, and is topped with the crispest of bedlinen.

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Embrace the Power of Symmetry

a bedroom with a large bed and a window

Design by Heidi Caillier; Photo by Haris Kenjar

Symmetry is an assured way to bring boutique hotel feel home—just ask Heidi Caillier. With nightstands and lighting fixtures working in harmony, a little clash can be created through high-contrast patterns, textures, and prints.

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Try the Mutest of Tones

a bedroom with a large bed and a chair
a bedroom with a large bed and two chairs

Photo courtesy of Jake Arnold

Photo courtesy of Jake Arnold

Restful nights are enjoyed in spaces where no detail is intended to shock. This space by Jake Arnold, with its pitched ceiling, muted palette, relaxed drapery, and killer view makes for the sweetest of dreams.

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Create Tension Through Textures

a bedroom with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling

Design by Jenna Lyons; Photo by Nicole Franzen

Wondering how to blend the old with the new? Embrace the clash like Jenna Lyons did in her own bedroom. An unexpected backdrop of wood and marble helps too, as does connecting the windowless space and light-filled ensuite bath with glass doors for an enhanced feeling of space.

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Find Your Room’s Dual Purpose

a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window

Design by Meghan Eisenberg; Photo by Haris Kenjar

With careful consideration, a bedroom can double-up as a study or library—just ask Meghan Eisenberg. As the two are natural places of contemplation, nature-inspired prints and bare millwork help soften a multi-functional room.

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Discover the Joy of Warm Minimalism

a bedroom with a large bed and a painting on the wall

Design by Sandra Weingort; Photo by William Abranowicz

An affection for linear design doesn’t equate to hard interiors. Taupe curtains, nubby textiles, and tactile wall art—all curated by Sandra Weingort—made for a setting that feels soft and welcoming.

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Channel Your Accessory Collection

a bedroom with a large bed and a painting on the wall

Photo courtesy of Studio Duggan

How to create a bedroom with a jewel-box feel? A blend of metals, art, and plush fabrics is the perfect place to start according to Studio Duggan. And it works just as well when embracing even smaller, darker settings.

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Set a Monochrome Mood

a bedroom with a large bed and a blue chair

Design by Studio Lawahl; Photo by Kristofer Johnsson

This Studio Lawahl-designed room’s commitment to blue is dazzling—and so soothing. From the veined marble nightstands to the inky headboard, it’s a vote for having a singular vision and embracing a monochrome mood.

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