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Soft Baroque Hues and Swedish Landscapes Inspire Nordic Knots’ Irresistible Rugs

Words by Morgan Goldberg
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots featuring a Garden Maze rug.

“All of the beautiful homes in Sweden have rugs that tie the rooms together,” says Fabian Berglund.

When he set out to bring Scandinavian design to the United States, Berglund—who founded Nordic Knots in 2016 with his wife, antique dealer and interior designer Liza Laserow-Berglund, and his brother, poker player-turned-e-commerce entrepreneur Felix Berglund—says starting a rug company was a no-brainer.

The designers are all created in-house by the trio and their team in their Stockholm atelier before they are sent to Bhadohi, India, where they’re handmade by skilled, GoodWeave-certified weavers. The rugs are then delivered to American households in three to six business days. “We believe we can inspire people to create a more beautiful home,” Fabian says.

In addition to Nordic Knots’ own designs, the brand is known for collaborating with top designers like Campbell-Rey and Giancarlo Valle. We chatted with Fabian to get a deeper look into his company, its many influences, and what’s next for the brand.

Our design philosophy: We believe in being true to ourselves. We must genuinely like what we create and we never try to set or follow a trend. We have so many different sources of inspiration influencing our creative vision, which means our designs are constantly being refined and developed over time. This keeps them timeless, contemporary, fresh—and never dated.

a blue and white rug with squares on it
Nordic KnotsBåstad RugSHOP NOW
a green area rug with squares and rectangles
Nordic KnotsGarden Maze RugSHOP NOW

What differentiates our products from the rest: We use only high quality materials like New Zealand wool and other natural fibers. The development phase of the product is something we try not to rush since we are very specific in what we want to achieve.

a living room filled with furniture and a large window
a living room filled with furniture and a large window

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots featuring a Grand Moss rug.

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots featuring a Square rug.

The place that most accurately represents your brand: Our own home. The colors, obviously the rugs, and how we have curated furniture from our favorite eras. It's a mix that contains all our favorite colors and textures.

a beige rug with black drawings on it
Nordic KnotsNomad RugSHOP NOW
a purple rug with a green border
Nordic KnotsClimbing Vine RugSHOP NOW

Our biggest “pinch-me” moment: We get that feeling everytime we see one of our rugs in the home of someone we admire.

a living room with two chairs and a table

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots featuring a Climbing Vine rug.

The architectural era we’re into right now: Most of our collections are created with an epoch or era as a starting reference, like Grid or Art Deco. However, we tend to choose colors that originate from the Baroque period, with its muted and pale hues.

a piece of paper with a grid pattern on it
Nordic KnotsGrid RugSHOP NOW
a piece of art that is on top of a table
Nordic KnotsArt Deco II RugSHOP NOW

The colors we’re loving right now: We are all about dark yellow and muted green in combination with Dusty White. A love for dark brown is on the rise, though!

a green rug with a white background
Nordic KnotsGrand RugSHOP NOW
a wooden floor with a white wall in the background
Nordic KnotsLux 2 RugSHOP NOW
a white rug on a white background
Nordic KnotsGrand RugSHOP NOW

What we love about Showroom: It's a genius platform offering a great service where interior design advice from highly sought after creatives is more accessible to more people. It's not too far from the reason why we started Nordic Knots: we wanted to create a curated collection of rugs where it's easy to find what you need for your home to make it more beautiful.

a chair and a table in a room with bookshelves

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots featuring a Folding Ribbon rug.

What we’re excited to bring to Showroom: We have two new stunning collections that we are very excited to show on The Expert: Elder and Boucle. Boucle has a textured surface that brings a relaxed elegance to any room, with a toned-down color scheme in neutral colors, while Elder is a collection with earthy tones, where really high craftsmanship meets a contemporary expression in minimalistic patterns.

a beige and brown striped rug on a white background
Nordic KnotsElder 04 RugSHOP NOW
a beige and brown rug with squares on it
Nordic KnotsElder 03 RugSHOP NOW

What’s next: 2023 will be a big year for us. We are opening our flagship store in Stockholm in March. That will be another one of those “pinch me” moments for sure, but right now, our heads are too deep into it to see the finish line. We’re also launching a new product and debuting two collaborations with two of the best designers in the world, which we are very proud of. All very exciting!

a dining room with a table and chairs
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots featuring a Jute Border Rug.

Photo courtesy of Nordic Knots.

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