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With Belgian Sensibilities and American Manufacturing, Verellen Can’t Lose

Words by Morgan Goldberg
a living room filled with furniture and a window

Photo courtesy of Cortney Bishop Design

At the core of Verellen’s history is fabric.

When Tom and Sabine Verellen moved from Antwerp to the United States in the 1990s, they started out in the textile distribution business (Belgian linen, after all, is known to be the best).

It wasn’t until the couple pivoted to furniture and paired high-end frames with luxury European fabrics that hadn’t yet been available in the American market, that their eponymous company grew to heights they never imagined.

This winning combination of understated-yet-original Belgian style and high-quality American manufacturing continues to succeed 20 years (and one 65-acre manufacturing center in High Point, North Carolina) later.

Verellen’s other main priority is sourcing eco-friendly materials to craft their pieces. They seek to highlight natural imperfections: variance in grain patterns on their casegoods or the beautiful slub of a stonewashed linen. With heirloom grade construction, world-class fabrics, and a commitment to sustainability, what’s not to love?

Our design philosophy

Comfort is at the forefront of our design process. Since the beginning, we have sought to create exceptionally comfortable pieces without sacrificing aesthetics. We aim to create relevant designs that remain timeless at their core. It’s a great compliment that some of our original designs are still bestsellers some 20 years later.

What inspires us

We pull inspiration from all over the globe and across various industries. Inspiration can come from anywhere: a fantastic leather bag, a beautiful pair of boots, or the stitch detail on the steering wheel of a beautifully-restored Porsche 911.

The place that most accurately represents your brand

Antwerp, Belgium. The emphasis on high design, community, sustainability, and luxury speak to our brand values.

a living room with a large painting on the wall

Photo courtesy of Verellen

The anchor piece that works in every room

Since the pandemic, it’s been swivel chairs, swivel chairs, swivel chairs. They’re exquisitely comfortable and we’ve designed ours with interesting back details so they can be floated in any room.

a grey chair with a black base and a white background
VerellenBlake SwivelSHOP NOW
a white chair with a round base
VerellenVictoria Club Swivel GliderSHOP NOW
a beige chair with a wooden frame
VerellenGaston Swivel ClubSHOP NOW
a white chair with two pillows on top of it
VerellenElla SwivelSHOP NOW

What differentiates our products from the rest

We proudly design and produce heirloom-grade furniture, meaning our pieces are meant to be loved and enjoyed for generations. Simply put, we build the right way. Our frames are produced by employing traditional stick-built techniques, along with hybrid joinery techniques, when necessary.

When it comes to the raw goods we use in our products, we source the highest quality, most natural version of each component possible. Post-consumer recycled springs and all natural glues and finishes ensure our pieces do not off-gas VOCs or formaldehyde into the home. Our goal is to produce the healthiest and longest-lasting pieces possible. This is how we can contribute to the sustainability conversation.

Our biggest “pinch-me” moment

Our first “pinch me” moment was in our first days of business, when we showed two of our original sofa designs at a fabric show. We built these sofas solely to have something to sit on during the show, and we ended up selling two containers’ worth to an international customer. The fact that someone truly wanted to purchase what we built was incredible.

Our idea of ultimate luxury

The perfect frame coupled with the perfect fabric is the ultimate luxury. That can vary from person to person, but we all know that feeling when you have found your spot. The perfect pitch in the back, a fantastically comfortable bench cushion finished in feather down….these exemplify luxury to us.

What we love about Showroom

So many of The Expert’s designers have been long-time clients of ours, and this platform is a perfect place to continue our relationships. Showroom is unique in a sense that it brings designers and clients together in a casual setting where everyone feels comfortable.

a couch with a bunch of pillows on it
VerellenMillie SofaSHOP NOW
a round ottoman that is made out of fabric
VerellenElla OttomanSHOP NOW
a white light that is on top of a stand
VerellenEclipse LightSHOP NOW
a wooden chair with a tan upholstered seat
VerellenGaston Dining ChairSHOP NOW

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