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Why We're Obsessed with Tali Roth

The Expert Team
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Photo by Nick Glimenakis.

We’re just going to come out and say it. We’re obsessed with Tali Roth. She creates spaces that effortlessly balance comfort and cool.

The Aussie-born designer has crafted homes around the world, each showcasing a masterful blend of laid-back sophistication and playfulness. Think vintage that stops you in your tracks, subtle color palettes and an unexpected approach to materiality. We caught up with Tali to hear what’s inspiring her most right now and the items topping her wish list.

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Photos by Nick Glimenakis.

What architectural style is inspiring you right now?

Mid century is always my inspiration. I have adored it since I was a little girl and it continues to be a favorite. I love modernism.

How would you describe your design point of view?

I want to bring to the surface the individual clients desires and tastes and try to elevate them and help their spaces feel super gorgeous and inviting. I love to design emotional spaces that you walk into and are hit with a feeling.

Tell us some of the ways you’ve been able to help clients during The Expert consultations.

I was shocked by how much we got through and how quickly we could cut to the fat and get to the root of what they needed help with. It’s been super-fulfilling and fun! I feel a real rush in the process and the clients get so much out of it.

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Photo by Nick Glimenakis.

What are you currently working on and what’s inspiring you?

I am only working on residential projects but across two continents with very different budgets and aesthetics. It sounds like a line, but I am always inspired by my clients. They are the center of all of my designs. Then I turn to unique and one of a kind pieces. I love bespoke wallpapers and vintage furniture pieces that nobody else has.

What colors and color combinations are you loving?

I am an orange and green queen forever. I love vermillion, silver and brown too.

Your approach is very playful and about materiality. What materials and textures are you gravitating towards lately?

I’m loving patterned fabrics. I love Dedar and Pierre Frey as well as Schumacher and Philip Jeffries. I’m all about bringing something unique to my clients' spaces and textiles are the quickest route to do that.

The image of an Dedar - 'A Soft Place' Fabric product
Dedar - 'A Soft Place' FabricINQUIRE
The image of an Schumacher 'Rolling Hills' Fabric product
Schumacher 'Rolling Hills' FabricINQUIRE
The image of an Pierre Frey 'Wokabi' Fabric product
Pierre Frey 'Wokabi' FabricINQUIRE

How do you make the most of a client’s budget?

I make sure we look at it as an overall and don’t go off and purchase items one at a time. I attribute the most budget to the clients most important, must-haves and go from there.

What are the first pieces someone should buy for their space?

A sofa, a plant and a piece of art.

The image of an 'Delta 669' Sofa product
'Delta 669' SofaSHOP NOW
The image of an Untitled Green Segment II, Robert Moreland product
Untitled Green Segment II, Robert MorelandSHOP NOW

What should you always buy vintage? What vintage pieces are you eying right now?

I am loving sourcing vintage lighting at the moment. It's a labor of love to ensure it is working and wired properly but there is nothing quite like it! Vintage is better for the environment and it always has a story, it's patinated and it's usually one of a kind.

What’re you loving right now and recommending to your clients?

I love Armadillo rugs for neutrals and I love my collaboration 'A week in Venice' with Empire Collection Rugs or some luxe more statement-making rugs.

The image of an Armadillo 'Odessa' Rug product
Armadillo 'Odessa' RugINQUIRE
The image of an Empire Collection '1969' Rug product
Empire Collection '1969' RugINQUIRE
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