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Experts Predict 2024 Will Mark the End of This Design Trend (Plus 5 Styles Due For a Comeback)

Words by Laura Dahlgren
a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by Shade Degges; Design by Christina Cole & Co.

Like popcorn ceilings or carpeted bathrooms, some design trends were not built to last.

Such is the case with rooms outfitted in head-to-toe neutrals, with Experts like Studio Ashby and Studio LIFE/STYLE calling for a return to the reign of color, “I’m very bored of the all-white and cream everything look,” says Sophie Ashby. “It can be beautiful when done well but it’s hard to pull off and rare to see.”

Our designers aren’t stopping at banishing beige. Here they’ve dished on the design trends they’re hoping to never see again—and the styles they wish will be making a comeback in 2024.

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography courtesy of Imperfect Interiors

The Design Trends Experts Are Ready to Retire

“Showroom” Interiors

Expert Josh Greene is hoping for a return to functionality this year, ushering in cozy and comfortable spaces in place of highly staged homes: “One thing I’d like to see go is overly-curated living rooms that look like showrooms full of overpriced, uncomfortable furniture!”

Bad Quality Dupes

Known for her unique, inimitable interiors, it’s no wonder Expert Noz Nozawa is hoping this year brings an end to knockoff designs once and for all, “Copycat furniture sold at lower price points needs to be retired for good.”

a living room filled with furniture and large windows

Photography by Zachary Gray; Design by Garrett Hunter

From Farm to Barn

If there is one architectural style that Expert Christina Cole has had her fill of, it’s the modern farmhouse: “While I do believe there are phenomenal examples of this stylistic movement, especially in Northern Europe, I would love to see a new trend emerge.”

Diving even deeper into the style, Expert Garrett Hunter is ready to close the proverbial door on sliding barn doors: “There is a time and a place for them (think: in a barn), but they usually look awkward”

Imposter Syndrome

Expert Beth Dadswell of Imperfect Interiors is fed up with materials putting on a faux front, “I don’t like any finish that pretends to be something that it isn’t, like tiles that are printed to look like wood.”

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by Jeffrey Holt; Design by Chused & Co.

Flute No More

From millwork to glass, Expert Jenna Chused is predicting this is the year we bid farewell to fluting: “It seems to be everywhere now. I think it is time to give it a break and explore new textures.”

Overstuffed and Overdone

With plush, sinuous furniture reigning supreme in recent years, Expert Patrick McGrath is ready to see shapely silhouettes in the rearview: “I think a lot of this funky ’80s-inspired curved and overstuffed upholstered furniture could take a back seat. But different strokes for different folks!”

a red and white striped room with bunk beds

Photography courtesy of Studio LIFE/STYLE

The Trends That Are Making a Comeback

House of Glass

There’s one 80’s-era trend that Garrett is ready to see a resurgence of, “I’m saying hello to glass blocks,” he says: “Not just an outdated suburban material, they can add depth and light play into a space—Maison de Verre in Paris is a great example.”

Wall That Jazz

While wallpaper is nothing new, Shannon Wollack of Studio LIFE/STYLE is ready to dial things up a notch with walls covered in ornate designs: “We’ve been using a lot more wallpaper, murals, patterns, and other paint and plaster techniques to create a multi-dimensional feel.”

Fabric First

Meanwhile, Christina implores you to put down the plaster in place of walls adorned in rich fabrics, “It would be great to see a rise in upholstered or paper-backed fabric on walls as an alternative to wallpaper.”

a hallway with a checkered floor and a black and white checkered floor

Photography courtesy of Imperfect Interiors

Check Mate

Not afraid of playing with pattern, Beth thinks checkerboard flooring is having a well-deserved renaissance: “It’s quite a fun way to add a bit of interest to floors and it’s practical in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.”

Keepin’ It Classic

Shannon is looking to the past when predicting future trends, calling for a revival in rooms decked out in classic finishes: “We love seeing the resurgence of more traditional, interesting edge details, wood-clad windows, stained glass, and classic millwork designs.”

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by Jeffrey Holt; Design by Chused & Co.

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