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Who Should You Book for Your Next Home Project? Start Here

Words by Gabrielle Savoie
a living room filled with furniture and a large window

Photography courtesy of DISC Interiors

Not all home projects look the same.

Maybe you’re moving into a new place and need help picking the right sofa and laying out your living room—or you can’t stand to look at your dated cabinets anymore and you’re planning a kitchen remodel. Perhaps you need to get a nursery ready before the baby arrives or you just need a fresh set of curtains to elevate your space. Or you could be one of the lucky few who’s going through a gut reno or building their dream home from scratch.

Historically, you could only get access to the best interior designers in the latter scenario—that’s if you were willing to hire them for the entirety of the project. But with The Expert, no matter how big or small your project is, you have access to the world’s top talent. And while all our interior designers have countless magazine features, decades of experience, and plenty of awards and accolades under their belt, some interior designer reviews showcase specific expertise that might suit your needs—so don’t just take it from us…

If You’re Renovating a Kitchen

"Our consult with Jean Stoffer was excellent. Jean's expertise in kitchen design shined through, she was also just as lovely to work with as I had imagined and was careful to guide us based on her talent and experience with kitchen finishes and style while valuing our own ideas for what our space might become. The Expert is a great investment for your property, especially when working with a designer for a full project may not be in your budget."

Kimberly R.

Book Jean Stoffer

a living room filled with furniture and white walls

Photography by Erin Kelly; Design by Leanne Ford Interiors

If You’re Stuck Problem-Solving

"Our session with Leanne was an absolute dream. As we near the end of a large renovation, decision fatigue and paralysis set in but our session with Leanne gave us the boost we needed. She provided thoughtful and specific advice, offered sources for fixtures, paints, and furniture we hadn't previously explored, and blew us away with how quickly she understood and solved our design snags. I was worried the time allotted wouldn't be enough, but I’m thrilled with how much we covered. Thank you, Leanne!"

Casey S.

Book Leanne Ford

a kitchen with marble counter tops and bar stools

Photography by Sam Frost; Design by DISC Interiors

If You Need a New Floor Plan

"Our consultation with Krista and David was very helpful in figuring out the best layout for our new bedroom and bathroom remodel. We had a very complicated layout that kept us from finalizing our architectural plans and the time we spent with DISC to figure it out was just what we needed to move forward. My husband and I have already booked our next consultation with DISC Interiors to discuss the kitchen and living room next week!"

Lauren W.

Book DISC Interiors

a bath room with a sink a mirror and a bath tub

Photography by Jess Isaac; Design by Amber Interiors

If You’re Choosing Finishes

"Our meeting with Amber exceeded our wildest expectations. Literally, it was the best money spent! She gave us SO many resources and solid, quick, clear, and concise opinions. We took pages of notes! She helped us with paint colors, stones and surfaces, windows and doors, landscape architect recommendations, and more. We were beyond impressed with how much we could accomplish in an hour. We are so thankful to The Expert for creating such a unique platform and are grateful for our time with Amber."

Leslie S.

Book Amber Interiors

a bath room with a chair a sink and a mirror

Photography by Haris Kenjar; Design by Heidi Caillier Design

If You Need a Whole New Palette

"Heidi and I were able to walk through my project room by room succinctly to discuss the aesthetic I was looking to create. When you partner with a designer whose work you not only admire, but could truly live with in your own home, The Expert delivers! Heidi was both generous in her feedback and specific down to the colors and textiles her designs are loved for. Within 48 hours of our consultation, I had a complete palette and regained confidence to carry on solo."

Deanna A.

Book Heidi Caillier

a large kitchen with a center island and wooden floors

Photography courtesy of Veranda Homes

If You’re Building a House

"Consulting with Melissa was invaluable. I was struggling with some finishing touches on the exterior design and floor plan of my dream home. Melissa was so knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She was able to address all my questions in our short time together and took my plans from good to outstanding. I would definitely use her again throughout the different stages of my build. One hundred percent recommend!"

Jessica H.

Book Veranda Homes

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by Amy Neunsinger; Design by Mark D. Sikes

If You’re Struggling With Color and Pattern

"Mark exceeded my every expectation! He was clear about what direction I should take in terms of theme, patterns, colors, and furniture. We got through everything that I wanted to touch on and more! I feel wholly confident that I can move forward with my house having a much clearer direction on where to take it design-wise. I’m so grateful for his expertise. Thank you, Mark!!"

Anais S.

Book Mark D. Sikes

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by Tim Lenz; Design by Nicholas Obeid

If You’re Picking Furniture

"Nicholas was amazing! He made me feel confident in my furniture-related decisions and helped me work around the pieces I already owned. He introduced me to a lot of furniture that could compliment my living room in color and texture. Overall, he definitely helped me feel more confident when it came to stepping out of my comfort zone. I love how he is able to make a room look so beautiful and luxurious at an affordable price. Highly recommend his services!"

Eva A.

Book Nicholas Obeid

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place

Photography by Autumn Beury; courtesy of April Tomlin

If You’re Working on Your Curb Appeal

"Is it too much to say this was one of the best hours of my adult life? I can’t believe how much territory April covered in an hour. We chose a direction for exterior materials on our cabin and had time for a good start on round 2: the interiors! I’m thankful for The Expert for allowing me to work with my favorite designer. Well worth the money and beyond!"

Susan D.

Book April Tomlin

a house with a pool and a lounge area

Photography by David Tsay; Design by Raili Classen

If You’re Remodeling a Midcentury House

"WOW, Raili was phenomenal. We have a midcentury project and we were stuck on the kitchen layout and style, wanted it to fit the house but not be stuck to midcentury. Feel like she quickly smoothed out the rough edges, gave us great suggestions on color, cabinet design, lighting, and backsplash designs, everything really. Told her it felt like she pulled a paintbrush over the whole design and made it look good. She's the real deal, and the nicest to boot! Really love her style."

Karen B.

Book Raili Classen

a kitchen with a large window and a sink

Photography by Shade Degges; Design by Amber Interiors

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