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These 11 Kids’ Room Ideas Will Bring Out Your Inner Child

Words By Olivia Lidbury
a baby's room with green walls and a white crib

Photo by Philip Durrant; Design by Studio Ashby

As the parent of any young children will attest, everyone in the house is a little frazzled come bedtime.

Which is why making your kids’ room into the most enticing retreat is a win-win for all. With a comforting and personalized space filled with their favorite things, they’ll only be too happy to head to the land of nod.

From circus-like canopies to beguiling bunk beds, our Experts have limitless ideas which put playfulness into functionality. And best of all, there’s not a Disney princess in sight. Keep scrolling to discover a world of kids room ideas that’s sure to appeal to your inner child too.

Slumber party—but make it chic

a bedroom with two beds and a painting on the wall

Photo by Stacy Zarin Goldberg; Design by Cameron Ruppert Interiors

This joyful room by Cameron Ruppert features a quartet of pine beds painted in differing primary shades—and with the chicest, coordinating comforters to match. Using the same fabric across the bedspreads and curtains creates a sense of cohesion, while swapping out lining is a simple, crowd-pleasing trick to give each little person’s bed a sense of individuality. Sconces and paneled walls complete this charming scene.

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Bunking up in style

a couple of bunk beds in a room

Photo courtesy of Chango & Co.

Almost too fun to actually sleep in, the bunks in this exquisite space conceived by Chango & Co. take the compromise out of having to share. Each one comes with a generous niche for books and toys, and a wall light for bedtime reading (also a comfort for those scared of the dark). They’re highly functional, too: purpose-built steps mean no fiddling around on ladders, and a low bannister along the top mattresses guarantees no bumps in the night.

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Sweet harmony

a baby crib in a room with a tapestry on the wall

Photo by Nick Glimenakis; Design by Jae Joo Designs

In this industrial loft in Brooklyn, the integrity of the building—with its patinated ceilings and exposed brick walls—wasn’t to be compromised. So, to soften the space for a curious toddler, a nature-themed kantha sourced by designer Jae Joo acts as a textural window into a countryside scene. This vintage find blends with the muted palette, and shows that kid-friendly doesn’t have to equal a retina-searing color palette.

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Carve out a nook

a living room filled with furniture and a window

Photo courtesy of Jake Arnold

If there’s anything kids love just as much as bunk beds, it’s cocooning nooks they can retreat to for some down-time. Banquette seats in bay windows solve the issue of maximizing otherwise awkward spaces and come with the bonus of having plenty of natural light. In this space designed by Jake Arnold, the denim-blue seat pad, striped blind, and mushroom-hued wall paneling aren’t remotely babyish, and could switch from hosting a cot to a guest bed in one easy move.

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Go full-on fairytale

a couple of beds sitting in a bedroom next to each other

Photo by Simon Upton; Design by Joy Moyler Interiors

If you can’t indulge an old-world sense of whimsy in a period property, when can you? Pelmets, chintzy fabrics, bed drapes, valances… the flourishes in this room by Joy Moyler make for an unapologetically traditional space (and a feeling like Peter Pan might drop by at any moment). Bonus points for matching the wallpaper to the soft furnishings.

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Don’t compromise—if you don’t want to

a bedroom with a bed, dresser, and window

Photo by Nicole Franzen; Design by Leanne Ford Interiors

This serene space by Leanne Ford—with its antique finds and rustic finishes—is proof that you can extend your aesthetic to your children’s rooms. Toys and sweet bedding give children a sense of ownership of the space, while parents know that heirloom furniture will outlast superhero-themed bed frames and go on to be cherished.

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Why stop at the walls?

a giraffe standing in a bedroom next to a dresser

Photo by Chaunté Vaughn; Design by Meta Coleman

There’s something undeniably cozy about pitched ceilings. Small people love them, but attic rooms can often feel disconnected from the rest of the house. Meta Coleman’s solution is an enchanting wallpaper wrapped around every surface—preferably with an animal scene—so that the room’s little residents can drift off as they conjure magical stories in their minds.

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Park the superheroes

a bedroom with two beds, a desk, and stuffed animals

Photo by Colin Price; Design by Noz Nozawa

One minute it’s Frozen, the next Encanto: should you pander to your kid’s desire for a ‘themed’ room, you’ll be re-decorating every year. Much smarter is a playful yet enduring space like this one conceived by Noz Nozawa, which features graphic pops of color via the bedding, graphic-yet-timeless rugs and blinds, and a scenic wallpaper acting as the backdrop.

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Live vicariously

a room with wooden walls and a red chair

Photo by Karyn Millet; Design by Raili CA Design

‘The Kiddos’ rooms are always the perfect spaces to remember what you always wanted in your room as a kid and then finally pull it off,’ justifies Raili Clasen. That’s her thinking behind the bold pair of stripes punctuating this cladded room. This room also features the cutest desk nook, which is bound to foster some after-hours learning.

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Enchant them into bed

a bedroom with a canopy bed and a colorful rug

Photo by Philip Durrant; Design by Studio Ashby

‘A safe haven, a place to make dens and secret worlds,’ is how designer Sophie Ashby describes the tented canopy enjoyed by her step-daughter in her London home. A circus stripe is a classic, timeless choice, and bound to be the envy of every visiting friend.

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Midnight fun

a living room with a white chair and a table

Photo courtesy of Tali Roth Designs

Dispelling the myth that a nursery has to be soft and pastel-y, this space by Tali Roth is confidently dark and dramatic. But it’s still spirited—thanks to a feature wall and sculptural furnishings. Doubling up on window treatments and painting the walls a midnight blue might just help with those daytime naps, too.

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