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Every Designer’s Go-To Rug Is Both Inexpensive and Ultra-Chic

Words by Kate McGregor
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Photo courtesy of Jake Arnold

Rugs lay a strong foundation, but only the best ones can be a statement piece all on their own.

The Rush House Original rug, a durable seagrass construction that’s handwoven into squares, is a designer favorite for good reason. Not only does it hold up against children, pets, and red wine stains alike, it’s also surprisingly affordable.

Beloved by top tastemakers like Jake Arnold and Heidi Caillier, the piece brings texture and warmth to any living room, kitchen, or even bedroom. Ahead, we’re highlighting eight expert-approved spaces that showcase this rug (and strikingly similar others) in all of its glory.

Pattern Play

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Design by Buchanan Studio; Photo by Alicia Waite

Not afraid of mixing prints, Buchanan Studio uses the rug’s checkered appearance to its advantage. Combining cabana stripes and large-scale florals with the textural element makes the room’s mismatched nature feel intentional.

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Sturdy Not Stuffy

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Design by Salvesen Graham; Photo by Simon Brown

Ideal for high traffic areas like kitchens and entryways, jute rugs are highly durable. In this space by Salvesen Graham, a long runner serves as a landing pad for visitors while directing them to other parts of the home.

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All About Opulence

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Design by Giancarlo Valle; Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

If your style is more streamlined, adding a natural fiber rug is a great way to counter the gleam of metals and plushness of velvet upholstery—just ask Giancarlo Valle. Not only does it add texture, it also adds welcomed pattern play.

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Bridge the Gap

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Design by Jamie Bush; Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson

Take a note from Jamie Bush and place the rug in an al fresco setting as a natural transition between the outdoors and indoors. By using two smaller sizes to designate separate seating areas, Bush is not only able to cover more ground, but he also makes each zone feel equally special. 

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Wall to Wall

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Design by Handelsmann + Khaw; Photo by Felix Forest

Rather than keep it bite-sized with a runner or area rug, Handelsmann + Khaw suggests you maximize the square footage by opting for a nearly full coverage version. This way, a large room’s design flows instead of being broken up into different sections. 

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Shift Away from Softness

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Image courtesy of Jake Arnold

Image courtesy of Jake Arnold

While bedrooms are often thought of as a place to indulge in cozier textures like shearling and shag, Jake Arnold proves that jute can create an equal amount of comfort without the high pile. In this space, the rug not only serves as the only large pattern in the room, but it also warms up the bedroom’s neutral palette. 

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Grounding Force

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Photo courtesy of Mark D. Sikes

In a room full of whimsical stripes and swirling paisleys, Mark D. Sikes lays a strong foundation. The geometric pattern offsets the stripes, while the warm tones of the seagrass grounds the eye amongst all of the cool blues. 

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Style Shifter

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Design by Meghan Eisenberg; Photo by Haris Kenjar

Suitable for traditional and mid-century environments alike, Meghan Eisenberg placed the rug in her own streamlined living room. It offers an eye-catching moment among the sleek architectural lines while also warming up the cool wood tones. 

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