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10 Bathroom Ideas So Good, You’ll Cancel Your Next Trip to the Spa

Words by Kate McGregor
a white bath tub sitting next to a window

Photography courtesy of DISC Interiors

The best bathrooms blend style with function and spa-like relaxation.

But how do you achieve this zen state of being? Do you opt for slabs of moody marble like Jenna Lyons did in her Soho loft, or keep it light and bright à la Anna Haines? No matter your style, our Experts have a myriad of inspirational bathrooms to get your creative juices flowing.

Sometimes all it takes is well-placed lighting or a dramatic paint job rather than a wall to wall renovation. Whether you’re aiming for a New Year’s refresh or a total transformation, read on for 11 bathroom design ideas courtesy of our Expert’s stunning projects.

a white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a window

Photography by James McDonald; Design by Anna Haines

A Tub That Steals the Show

Soft white walls and a freestanding soaking tub are the stars of this soothing London bathroom by designer Anna Haines. To keep things warm and cozy, herringbone wood floors and antiqued brass accents add a break from the airy scheme, while cafe curtains bring much-needed privacy. Bonus: a marble tub surround to allow for splashing around without a care.

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a walk in shower sitting inside of a bathroom

Photography by Sam Frost; Design by DISC Interiors

A Grand Entrance

French doors aren’t just for exterior-facing spaces, just ask DISC Interiors. A set of sand-colored powder-coated double doors glamorously frame the blush shower while ensuring water splashes are well contained. The marble surround provides an elegant step down while also protecting the hardwood floors.

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a portrait of a man on a marble counter in a bathroom
a bath room with a bath tub a sink and a window

Photography by Simon Watson; Design by Jenna Lyons

A Dark and Dramatic Mood

Spa vibes go beyond earthy tones and essential oils. Jenna Lyons’ Soho bathroom is accentuated by moody navy walls and a marble double vanity. Brass hardware offers a bit of shine against the dramatic palette.

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a bathroom with a large white bathtub next to a window

Photography by Ngoc Minh Ngo; Design by Josh Greene Design

A Room With a View

A large window in this Josh Greene designed Hamptons bathroom allows for idyllic views from the soaking tub. Warm wood tones and bookmatched marble floors keep you grounded in the airy space. (Pro tip: framing your mirror with stone off-cuts adds a bespoke feel.)

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a blue and white tiled bathroom with a window

Photography by Haris Kenjar; Design by Landed Interiors

A Step Into Another World

Landed Interiors’ trick to playing with patterned tile without it feeling overwhelming: keeping it contained. This shower alcove is nestled in behind barely-pink walls, against which the navy blue mosaic tile feels as though you’re stepping into another world entirely.

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a bathroom with a sink, mirror, and shower

Photo by Stephen Kent Johnson; Design by Nina Farmer

A Nostalgic Throwback

The key to ensuring a bathroom feels dynamic is to experiment with textures. In this space by Nina Farmer, a distressed mirror backdrop plays well with a high-gloss lacquered vanity and honed marble countertops. Color-blocked, geometric tiles add to the art-deco inspired theme.

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A Big and Bold Moment

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s approach to making an impact in your bathroom: go big. Intricately veined marble, checkered tile, and dramatic lighting combine in this showstopping space. A tonal color palette and curved motifs (like the arched tile and scalloped chair) ensure everything works together.

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a bathroom with a tub, bookshelf and a chair

Photography by Paige Rumore; Design by Stephanie Sabbe

A Bookworm’s Paradise

A library above your bathtub? Stephanie Sabbe says, ‘why not’? Deep bookshelves painted in a striking navy make this room feel more like a study than a primary bathroom. Now, when you’ve finished your bathtime read, all you have to do is reach up for another.

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a white bath tub sitting next to a window

Photography by Felix Forest; Design by Steve Cordony

A 21st-Century Classic

There’s a timelessness in the simplicity of Steve Cordony’s bathroom. Just look at the pedestal soaking tub and marble floors. Graphic glass partitions allow light to pass through each zone, while classic shapes and antique brass accents keep it from airing on the side of industrial.

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a bathroom with a sink and a mirror

Photography by Sam Frost; Design by Studio Life/Style

A Grounding Environment

Natural hues and organic-shaped forms can breathe a sense of calm into your bathroom. Case in point: the carved stone sink in this space by Studio Life/Style. Plaster walls, ambient lighting, and distressed accents continue the subdued nature theme.

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