The Expert - 7 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas if You’re Remodeling (or Just Looking for a Quick Fix)
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7 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas if You’re Remodeling (or Just Looking for a Quick Fix)

Words by Morgan Goldberg
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Photo courtesy of James Farmer.

Unless you’ve been blessed with a large linen closet in your bathroom, there never seems to be enough space to stash away thick, fluffy towels, extra shampoo, and all the products included in your 11-step skincare routine. As for decor? Forget about it. The average bathroom doesn’t have a free surface in sight for displaying art or special objects. Only the essentials will fit.

But with clever bathroom storage ideas from our Experts, you just might find space to accommodate all your necessities and your collection of Shakespeare sonnets—if you so choose. From simple suggestions like installing a generous vanity (if you’re renovating, that is) to quick creative solutions like incorporating a glass cabinet (which works in any spare corner), we have the bathroom storage ideas that are bound to upgrade your space.

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Design by Heidi Caillier

Photo by Haris Kenjar

Build a Generous Vanity

The bigger the vanity, the better for storage. So if you’re starting from scratch, build the largest one that will fit your bathroom. With four drawers and two big cupboards, this olive-hued vanity by Heidi Caillier is large enough to fit every item imaginable. The designer left ample countertop surface and used recessed arch detailing on the cabinet doors to make the piece feel less monolithic.

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Photo courtesy of Lauren Liess

Use Woven Baskets

Open storage can look very chic—just ask Lauren Liess, who designed this flawless Finca-style vanity in a Florida villa. If you like the look, you can achieve a tidier (and more private!) result with a set of matching wicker baskets recessed into each compartment. Not only did Lauren maximize the empty niches, but she added necessary warmth by juxtaposing the cooler plaster with a natural woven material—bonus points for the tall table lamps flanking the sink!

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Design by Lauren Liess

Photo by Haris Kenjar

Invest in a Bookshelf

Those who do want exposed storage for aesthetics’ sake should opt for a bookshelf to curate. Take cues from this English cottage-inspired San Francisco house, which was remodeled by Landed Interiors. In the playful powder room, checkerboard floors and pink floral wallpaper are paired with a large wood bookcase styled with novels, plants, ceramics, and art for an eclectic, collected feel.

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Design by Blanc Marine

Photo by André Rider

Incorporate a Glass Cabinet

If you’re worried about dust buildup—yet still want to show off your belongings—consider incorporating a glass cabinet into your bathroom like Mélanie Cherrier of Blanc Marine did in the overhaul of a Montreal home. She placed an antique display case against the wall in the forest green powder room, offering the homeowners a protected spot to store clean hand towels and exhibit family heirlooms they wouldn’t want in a splash zone.

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Photo courtesy of Rita Konig

Install Floating Shelves

For easy access to all your favorite bath products, install glass floating shelves à la Rita Konig. The London-based designer mounted the transparent shelves on a romantic floral wallpaper, so the homeowner’s beautiful perfume bottles look like they’re suspended among the blooms. With paintings hung above and a clawfoot tub sitting below, it’s a dreamy vignette.

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Photo courtesy of Stephanie Sabbe

Add a Built-in a Library

Bookworms, listen up. You can create a jaw-dropping bathtub library using built-in bookcases like Stephanie Sabbe installed in a client’s 1926 Nashville house. During the renovation, the designer borrowed several square feet from the primary bedroom to make space for a teal-colored, spa-like tub nook, complete with built-in shelves that are filled with hardcover novels ideal for a bubble bath reading session.

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Photo courtesy of Studio Ashby

Bring in a Dresser

Whether you need to stow away towels, your collection of sheet masks, or extra cotton balls, a dresser is a great way to get more storage in the bathroom. In Sophie Ashby’s early 19th-century London house, a tall, cream-toned dresser gracefully fades away beside a lively gallery wall, a burgundy bathtub, and a multicolored rug. Surrounded by bold decor, the big piece of furniture fits right in.


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