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13 Brilliant Kitchen Designs From the World’s Top Experts

Words by Olivia Lidbury
a kitchen with a marble counter top and island

Photography by Nicole Franzen; Design by And Studio

Freestanding island or galley layout? Upper cabinets or open shelving? Marble versus quartz countertops?

The endless choices in a kitchen renovation can be daunting: it’s often one of the biggest expenses (but on the flip side, it’s almost always the biggest value-add to your home’s price tag). Plus, it’s the heart of the home and it should look like and feel like it. So why does it sometimes feel disjointed from our lively living rooms and cozy bedrooms?

The secret is to treat it like any other room despite its utilitarian role to soften up the hard countertops and bulky cabinets. It will reward you as a welcoming hub offering much more than somewhere to prep your next meal. For the perfect remodel recipe, ditch the hardware store displays and get inspired by the best kitchen designs from the world’s leading talent—you can even book them for a one-on-one consultation for personalized advice!

a large kitchen with a center island and wooden cabinets

Design by Amber Interiors; Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Amber Interiors

With a blend of warm metals like brass and copper, contrasting countertops in marble and soapstone, and the simple addition of a vintage runner, the utilitarian feel of such a hard-working room is diminished, making for a softer setting.

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a large kitchen with a marble counter top

Photography by Nicole Franzen; Design by And Studio

And Studio

You can’t go wrong with Shaker-style kitchen cabinets in a period home, but as shown here, you can twist on tradition with deeply-veined marble and subtle two-tone paintwork: muddy gray for the cabinetry and a lighter limewash finish for the walls.

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a kitchen with wooden cabinets and white counter tops

Photography by Shade Degges; Design by Ashe Leandro

Ashe Leandro

The must-have solution to breaking up heavy cabinetry while leaving you wiggle room not to dust and style your shelves to perfection 24/7 is reeded glass. Leave your display areas for cookbooks and let just enough organized mess peek through your semi-see-through doors.

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a large kitchen with a center island with stools

Photography by Lauren Miller; Design by Ashley Montgomery

Ashley Montgomery

If space is no object, make the kitchen island the star attraction. Give it curved edges and a mix of open shelving with closed cabinets, highlight it with oversized fixtures, and add just enough seating for a casual dinner party.

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a kitchen with a marble counter top and wooden floors

Photography by Shade Degges; Design by Christina Cole and Co.

Christina Cole and Co.

Deliberating between painted and natural wood cabinetry? Good news: this is permission granted to have your cake and eat it. With marble as the star of the show and a subtler limewashed pantry, this kitchen nails the material mix.

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a kitchen with marble counter tops and white cabinets

Photography courtesy of Jean Stoffer Design

Jean Stoffer

A soothing reminder not to get too hung up on the practicalities of a kitchen: if you opt for a display shelf, use it to curate artwork and cherished ceramics (and not dish soap and brushes). Besides, the flush farmhouse marble sink is all anyone will be paying attention to.

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a kitchen with white cabinets and gold accents

Photography by Read McKendree; Design by Katie Rosenfeld

Katie Rosenfeld

Dial up the drama with ‘un-kitcheny’ elements, such as a statement brass range hood, industrial lighting, and upholstered seating (for a good dose of comfort). The mahogany island used here is also wonderfully unexpected.

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a kitchen with a center island with chairs

Photography by R. Brad Knipstein; Design by Landed Interiors

Landed Interiors

Neutral cabinetry sounds like a safe long-term bet, but don’t forget to have fun with your backsplash. The punchy yellow Zellige tile used here contrasts with the deep green kitchen island to add a sense of richness.

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a kitchen with a center island and three stools

Photography by Aaron Leitz; Design by Lisa Staton

Lisa Staton

Look to your home’s architecture for material cues: live in a century-old Victorian? Make your kitchen unique with idiosyncratic touches. Copper backsplash and painted tin ceiling, anyone?

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a kitchen with a sink, stove, cabinets and pictures on the wall

Photography by James Merrell; Design by Rita Konig

Rita Konig

Anglophiles, this one’s for you. For an injection of whimsy, wallpaper is a winning (and interchangeable) touch. It’s also an invitation to layer in framed artwork, and your favorite tableware.

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a kitchen with a marble counter top and a center island

Photography by Haris Kenjar; Design by Sean Anderson Design

Sean Anderson

Wood, stone, marble… You can have a riot with the textures Mother Earth gave us and be safe in the knowledge that left to their bare best, they’re a combination you simply can’t go wrong with.

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a kitchen with a marble counter top and gray cabinets

Photography courtesy of Studio Laloc

Studio Laloc

A dish rack, open shelving, and a playful backsplash shape all make for a kitchen that scores highly on charm. Bonus points for function by way of custom cabinets, built-in seating, and well-positioned lighting.

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